Why does the true God not yet exist?

My therapy of the spirit, in which I let the new creator “Jesus Christ” emerge from the old creator “Satan”, has been dragging on since 2001. But it is not up to me that this therapy has so far not been successful.

The spirit has been aware of the problem that it cannot continue like this for millennia, because it finally knew at all times that it was and is not compatible with the religions of this earth.

Reasons for the delay

So, with my approach to therapy, I ran down doors and suggested a solution that the old creator had in mind anyway. However, he followed the principle that this negative phase in world history and universe history also has a meaning. He wanted to ensure that people on other planets can live happier once they learn of the horrific conditions on this planet that – partially – exist here.

In the interests of humanity on this planet, I urgently advised against continuing the negative times, but I was unable to assert myself. I have been treated very badly by the spirit myself for years, but I know that it has more sympathy for me than hostility. So, for reasons of responsibility for humanity and in my own interest, my wish was at all times that “Jesus Christ” should arise immediately. Now I’ve had to wait for seven years and would slowly lose hope if it wasn’t clear that there was no alternative to its future existence. It would be conceivable that “God” wanted to choose another name because he would also like to get rid of the Christian religion – along with all the others – but that is not to be expected, as I was assured.

What factors still make the spirit hesitate?

It is the events on our planet earth that take place in this negative time (without God) in politics, religion and society as well as the development in the sciences. The mind explores our life and is 99% passive. Many people have no idea of their Creator and the real conditions of the mind and relatively few have spoken to him.

My striving for about 20 years has been that the spirit, i.e. God in the future, speaks to all people, including you, and behaves in an exemplary, noble and good manner, which one cannot always say about the old spirit. Either he behaved badly or he was playing a role that he presumed to be YHWH, the Father or Allah or another god.

The ancient spirit regards the human history of this planet as a treasure which will be formative for the whole universe. People on other planets learn from Jesus, Hitler and many other important people on earth in school and that is the goal of the old spirit. Somehow I can understand that he made this decision, but I urgently wish for the change to “God” and a time in which he takes the reins on earth in hand.

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Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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