Where do the dreams come from?

The science of neurology today still assumes that dreams are generated in the brain during sleep. But that’s wrong. The brain does not have the capacity at all to create such a complex world of images and sounds.

It is the spirit of the Creator, which extends throughout the universe and has an enormous computing capacity or intelligence available, who thinks up the dreams for all people and enters them into the brains night after night.

So there are only two theses left:

  • Dreams are created in the brain
  • Dreams are generated in the universe by the spirit of the creator

Personally, I have had nothing but nightmares throughout my life, even talking to the Creator. There are certainly many dream experiences that also depend on the culture. Because the Creator confirms z. B. Muslims in their faith, but also Christians and Jews and followers of other religions, such as Buddhism or Hinduism. This is of course pointless and completely wrong. I have been working towards him for years to ensure that he ceases to influence creation in this way and to cause confusion and division in humanity.

The dreams do not arise in the brains of the 8 billion people and are not the result of an evolution that does without a creator. If the theory of evolution were correct, then there would have to be a survival advantage for dreaming people over non-dreaming people, so that a brain that can generate dreams could evolve. But that is not the case. The brain, like all creation, is an invention of the ancient Creator. But based on the laws of nature, in my opinion, he has no way of creating brains that have the intelligence to create such fantastic dreams that are reminiscent of movies.

I am certain that the spirit creates the dreams. My many years of spiritual experiences were too intense and I also spoke to the Creator personally about them. However, I can imagine that this truth is difficult to believe for people without spiritual experience and without belief in a Creator. Sometimes it is the truth that has it harder than the error. There are ample examples of this in the past of human history. For example, it was widely believed that the earth was flat and not a sphere. The truth has prevailed and with ENDENER.COM I would like to make a contribution to ensuring that the truth continues to break out.

Have you also had the experience that the Creator gave you dreams? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Dyaa Eldin on Unsplash

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