When will the true God arise?

Unfortunately, my therapy of the spirit is not shaped by cooperation with the spirit, but by the fact that the spirit (the old creator) treated me negatively, as it does with the world. He himself wanted to support this therapy of a new beginning in the spirit and did it in his own way. If he is going to be called “Satan”, he wanted to live up to that name.

My plan to create the father out of the one spirit who is missing here on earth goes back to the year 2001. At that time I already talked about it with the Creator’s Spirit, but I did not yet know how to therapeutically effect the turning point.

In 2011 I decided to devote myself entirely to the task of forming “Jesus Christ” from the old spirit. For years the Creator has shown himself to be incooperative, so that I actually came up with the brilliant idea of giving him the name “Satan”, which in 2014 made his extinction possible, which could be carried out by mutual agreement.

To my surprise and horror, however, “Jesus Christ” did not emerge immediately, but continued to be tortured and bullied. I could not understand this wrongdoing and still do not understand it today. It was simply wrong to treat me like that, because it is generally wrong for the Creator to torment his creatures.

I have been waiting for 7 years for God to arise since 2014, but I have the certainty that it will come that way. There is no – more attractive – alternative to it. My therapy provides that I, as a therapist, can use my authority to determine which subjects live in the spirit and which die. I use the time method for this. For example, I say (and make a note of) that from a given date and time, “God” lives in the spirit and thus enjoys eternal life. The only condition I have been setting for years is that my body be filled with positive energy. So far this has been denied to me. This is a symbolic act that God has to perform in order to accept the gift of eternal life from me.

I do not know when “God” will arise, which is also not right for me as a therapist, but the great spirit has its own mind and does not see the optimal point of origin as having come. He wants to watch the chaotic goings-on on earth and let it become part of world history and thus universe history.

But I have been promised several times that the point in time is in my life span and that it won’t take too long. I am now counting on a period of about 10 years in which the spirit will turn around, fill me with positive energy, build its consciousness in the maternity therapy and then address each individual person with well-prepared words.

Are you already looking forward to the turning point in the spirit? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Rory McKeever on Unsplash

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