What can the spirit do? Is he almighty?

It is said, “God is almighty,” but there are two mistakes in this sentence. First of all, there was no creator who deserved the attribute “God” and he also had no “omnipotence”.

What power does the spirit have and what power is not given to it? So where are the limits of his possibilities?

The power is enormous because it is sufficient to create a universe and thus planets like our earth. You can read about how he did that in the two articles I wrote about the creation of galaxies and about creation of the creatures. Rather, the question arises, what can he not do?

Although it can genetically effect creation, people still have to build their own civilization. Since he can control all people 100% at the same time, it would be conceivable that he himself could build the houses through the puppet-like people, produce the cars and control all everyday activities of the people himself. The Creator “true Satan” has renounced this and “Jesus Christ” will renounce it. This is one of the few points on which they will agree. By not having complete controls, his power is limited. But theoretically and practically, he could completely control all people and animals.

Due to the natural laws in the universe, which he did not create, but which simply exist independently, the Creator is also bound to them. So he can z. B. do not float a chair or throw planets out of their orbit.

He can create galaxies and has great responsibility to ensure that no other galaxies – especially those with populated planets – are damaged. But it is not possible for him to create a galaxy without prejudice, where another galaxy already exists. The big bang pulp, comparable to lava, would mix with the existing celestial bodies and destroy them.

Also kann er auch nicht zaubern, hexen und Wunder vollbringen. Alles was er tun kann, muss im Rahmen der Naturgesetze sich abspielen. Er hat aber mit seinen Halluzinationen einige Tricks auf Lager, mit denen er schon zu biblischen Zeiten Mose, Aaron, Jesus, und viele andere glauben machte, dass er Wunder vollbringen könne. Letztendlich war beim sogenannten Weinwunder von Jesus nur Halluzination im Spiel (optisch, olfaktorisch und gustatorisch), die er spielend leicht in die Gehirne eingeben kann. Nicht jeder hat das, wie ich, erlebt. Aber fast jeder kennt die realistischen Träume, die der Geist bei Nacht in die Gehirne eingibt, denn sie stammen zu 100% von ihm. Die Gehirne sind gar nicht in der Lage, selbst solche Bild- und Tonwelten zu erzeugen.

So he can neither do magic nor do wonders. Everything he can do must take place within the framework of the laws of nature. But with his hallucinations he has a few tricks up his sleeve with which he made Moses, Aaron, Jesus, and many others believe that he could perform miracles even in biblical times. Ultimately, Jesus’ so-called wine miracle only involved hallucinations (visual, olfactory and gustatory), which he can easily enter into the brain. Not everyone has experienced this like me. But almost everyone knows the realistic dreams that the mind enters into the brain at night, because they come 100% from the spirit of the creator. The brains are not even able to generate such image and sound worlds themselves.

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Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

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