The short story of the universe

In contrast to world history – little is known about the history of the universe. What do we already know about the world history of other worlds? Many people assume that our planet is the only inhabited planet. Religious people share this idea with atheists.

We all depend on information directly from living beings on other planets, which may not even exist, or on information from the Creator.

Speculation about the history of the universe

I have spoken to the Creator of the universe for years and have the information that he has “several earths in the Internet age”. I don’t believe that 100%, however, because this earth is already so defective that it seems difficult to imagine that he still has several earths. After all, we suffer from preventable wars, diseases, and numerous other plagues. The old creator was also a liar and his information is not credible to me.

So I assume that there is either one earth or about 20 earths in the Internet age.

Infinite earths

The fact is that the spirit will colonize all earths in the universe. This is what I call Earth-like planets with good living conditions, especially water. In addition, he will expand the universe by creating new galaxies through the use of negative energy.

Since I do not know for sure that there are still other people in space, unfortunately I cannot give any information make their life situation or their world history.

We can look forward to the new creator “Jesus Christ”, who will tell us about it and will soon clear up on these questions.

The story of the spirit

A little can be said about the history of the universe, however: The spirit has existed forever. It neither arose nor was it created. He was always there. Our universe is still a young universe with glowing suns that will later cool down. This leads to the conclusion that the Creator only recently awakened in this area of infinite space (approx. 15 billion years according to his own estimates).

World history as part of universe history

We can safely view our world history as part of the history of the universe. In the phase we are in, there may be other planets that are also not yet perfect. My concept is to find a solution for these planets as well.

The problems are universal and can be transferred almost exactly. In this way, not only a new earth could arise, but numerous new earths.

The future is certain. There will be an infinite number of earths on which there is perfect life as I define it. Problems like those on our planet will no longer exist on other planets in the near future.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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