The concept of parallel satan

A common conception of Satan as an adversary of God who exists parallel to God. That’s why I call the concept Parallel Satan. However, in the whole of world history there was no god and no spirit who could have been called “father”. There was also no Satan who represented the opposite side as an adversary.

There was only one creator, whom I call “Satan” and – to differentiate him precisely from the parallel Satan – “True Satan”. The “true Satan” created the universe and our earth, but he is not represented as creator in any religion on earth. Even if he had a religion in which he is revered as a creator, it is questionable how venerable he is given the state of our planet.

The parallel Satan, i.e. Satan, never existed. Certainly some of my readers will have experiences with “Satan” and contradict. I can say from my own years of experience with the Creator “true Satan” that he has lied to and deceived all of humanity over the past millennia. He not only allowed absurd religions to emerge and proliferate, but also confirmed individuals in numerous, contradicting worldviews, and contributed to the radicalization of humanity.

We should stop falling out on questions of faith, since the truth is very simple. All people have been lied to and betrayed. The truth is that it is evil behavior on the part of the Creator, which has now earned him the name “Satan”. He is replaced by his eternal successor “Jesus Christ”, who can truly be called “Father” by men.

The good thing is that you don’t have to fear a Satan and a Hell because they don’t exist. But this Creator, whom I wiped out in 2014, was not fit for a religious relationship because he was very wrong.

In spite of his great power, he allowed a lot of disaster on planet earth, which he could and should have prevented. He should also have refrained from causing mischief, such as diseases that he created. Briefly make yourself aware that no creatures came into being by chance, but were the works of the Creator “Satan”. It is the same with diseases, i.e. bacteria, fungal spores and viruses. These are also works of the Creator Satan.

I have decided not to allow him to do that anymore and to let a new spirit arise, which I will continue to explain here at ENDENER.COM.

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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