Scandal: the spirit looks through our eyes!

You don’t find out from your parents, not from the teachers in the schools, and not even through the media. It is not even discussed in the churches:

In its omnipresence, the spirit of the Creator permeates the three-dimensional space in the universe and thus also our earth. It consists of the finest particles that are smaller than the constituent parts of the atoms. And it is interwoven with the brains of animals and humans.

So he can see what we creatures see and that with all creatures (including animals) at the same time. He can also hear, taste, smell and the sense of touch is exactly perceptible to him with all elements, e.g. B. to perceive the temperature on the skin.

Many people, including believers, certainly imagine a spirit that somehow looks down at them from the wall. This is how I imagined it as a child. But it is – as I have known for about 20 years – different. The spirit looks at creation from within and, since it can evaluate the brain data of all creatures at the same time, often has the perspective of looking at a creature from the outside. This happens through the eyes of other people or through the eyes of an animal, such as your cat or dog.

I think it is a scandal that the Creator leaves us in the dark and often does not draw attention to himself. My private environment consists largely of people who have not had any personal experience with him and even doubt whether there is a creator.

We should talk more about the Creator and I want to contribute with ENDENER.COM that the earth enters into a conversation about our Creator. Because it is absurd that we ignore him and find neither words of praise nor critical words for him. There is no such dialogue in the media. There are only reports in the context of traditional religions, but unfortunately a concrete discourse about our real creator cannot be observed, at least in the German media.

In the future, parents should educate their children, and teachers should educate their students. The media should report how the spirit affects creation and it would be even better, and I have been working for years to ensure that the Creator personally enters into a dialogue with all people, because that is easily possible for him. He can think and communicate in parallel with a capacity that is sufficient for an infinite number of planets like our earth with approx. 8 billion people.

It would not be a scandal that the Creator knew everything about us, experienced everything and made notes about it, if we all knew that He existed. It is technically inevitable that he reads the perception of the creatures and it also makes sense and to allow the creator as a reward for his responsible work.

The new creator will make it transparent that he is present. Quite different from the old Creator, who often remained silent all his life and entered into a dialogue not with everyone, but only with a few.

Did you know that the Creator looks through your eyes? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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