Problems of the spirit.

The old creator ZATOX was at a loss to explain: More than one religion was a mistake. His bad relationships with humans caused him to voluntarily go to his death.

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One creator – one religion

Had the creator ZATOX observed this rule, he would probably have lived forever.

Bad relationships

The Creator has had no relationship with many people, a bad relationship, or a good but lying relationship.

Miserable world history

The wars, crimes and diseases as well as many other suffering make the creator ZATOX appear in a bad light.

Unused universe

If this earth is the only created planet, the new creator AQAVA certainly has a great work of creation to accomplish in the future, because all suitable planets should also be used before their suns cool down.

Not a viable religion

All religions refer to the ancient creator and are based on superstition. None of the current religions are useful for the universe.

Harm instead of benefit

In addition to benefit, the creator ZATOX did much harm. This will come to an end with the new creator AQAVA, because he will provide 100% benefit and he will make mistakes very rarely.

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