Problems of Religions.

All religions have the fault of referring to the old, already extinct, creator ZATOX and are based on superstition.

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Outdated scriptures

The Bible, Koran, Torah, Bhagavad Gita and around 100 other scriptures are full of contradictions and even inconsistent within the scriptures.

Too many scriptures

In the future, people will no longer have to search for the truth. They all get the new eternal bible.

Religions refer to ancient creator

The creator ZATOX is therapeutically extinguished and his successor subjects assured that the spirit will soon find itself ready to live its life as AQAVA.

Errors in the scriptures

The scriptures are full of superstitions and for this reason, too, are unsuitable for distribution in the entire universe.

People’s lives are not adequately regulated

The 10 commandments and the other scriptures only regulate a fraction of people’s life situations.

People on other planets

On other planets, people are always being led into the Internet age. Current religions do not offer the modernity that humans need in the universe.

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