Possibilities and limits of the universe and the planets.

Each galaxy has a limited number of usable planets, but the Creator can create as many galaxies as he likes.

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Infinite resources

An unlimited number of galaxies can be created in infinite space, but AQAVA will arrange them to save space.

Limited resources

For people on a planet, resources are always limited. Sustainable management is therefore a must.

Useful planets

There are relatively few earth-like planets, but purely arithmetically there are infinitely many that the Creator can still create.

Population management

Through family planning (contraception), the population on every planet is to be controlled in such a way that sustainable life becomes and remains possible.

Parallel universes

Several instances of the spirit can be awakened in infinite space, but these will increasingly merge and continue the universes as one universe.

4th and 5th dimension

There is no heaven and hell in another dimension, and neither will there be. The superstition will come to an end with the eternal religion.

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More than 20 years of experience with the master plan & growing

Since 1998 the plan for the new universe has matured and it is time to put it into practice. You and your family can benefit personally from this and you are invited to participate.