Possibilities and limits of the spirit

The creative spirit has gigantic abilities, but it is not omnipotent.

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Create galaxies

Using negative energy, the mind can create galaxies; individually and also in parallel.

Create genetically

With its subatomic energy pixels, the spirit can grab molecules, put them together and combine them to form DNA, the genetic information.

Perceiving creation

All sense organs of humans and animals are available to the spirit to receive information from the universe.

Control creation

Via the brain, it is possible for the spirit to control all the muscles in the body of humans and animals, and to do so very precisely.


The mind can speak, very comfortably, in a voice produced by hallucination. However, he has other communication channels available, such as B. speaking through the mouth.

Bound to the laws of nature

The mind finds the limits of omnipotence in the laws of nature, which unfortunately it is unable to overcome. Nor can he give supernatural powers to people. That’s superstition.

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