Perfect universe history.

The disasters of the past must not be allowed to repeat themselves. A perfect universe history will not do without catastrophes, however all preventable evils should be prevented.

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No wars

According to the master plan, there will be no more wars in the universe.

No diseases

All pathogens will be eradicated on earth by the Creator and not created on other planets, so diseases will come to an end.

No conflicts

Violent and other angry conflicts will no longer appear necessary and if necessary will be stopped by AQAVA and subjected to an arbitration process.

No natural disasters

The number of natural disasters to which people are exposed should be proactively minimized through a clever settlement policy.

No accidents

AQAVA as a guardian angel. Already possible today, but used too seldom. The mind can systematically intervene in household, work, sports and traffic accidents and thus minimize the number of accidents. However, the number 0 will never be reached; however, remains the goal.

No crimes

People will no longer commit crimes out of conviction, but there is also the fact that AQAVA can and will intervene to prevent it.

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Since 1998 the plan for the new universe has matured and it is time to put it into practice. You and your family can benefit personally from this and you are invited to participate.