Perfect future of the spirit.

Every living being, including the spirit, should be happy and be able to live according to its purpose. This includes good interaction between people and him.

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Determination of the spirit

The spirit is destined to be the creator of the universe and to always strive for the good with self-commitment.

Destiny of the people

People are destined to live a successful life and to live in a good relationship with the Creator, this means also self-committed to always strive for the good.


Who is not happy about recognition? So it is with the spirit of AQAVA. He deserves all praise for his actions in the future. ZATOX as a reference person serves as a deterrent example.


Thank you to the new Creator for what has been received. This not only pleases him, but this attitude is also good for people.


Intercession is a way of drawing attention to the fate of a person or a group. In the future, AQAVA can be asked in personal dialogue whether he has already perceived the suffering and whether he can and will intervene to help.


You can also make AQAVA in space aware of your own suffering. In a personal conversation, everyone can also receive an answer.

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