New universe

The new beginning for the spirit is connected with massive creation tasks, because all usable planets as well as new galaxies are to be “created”.

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New religion for the universe

The essence of the new religion, the neo-Christian religion, is the relationship with God, which will only arise in the future.

New Bible for the universe

For the revision of the Bible, I plan to form a team of theologians and other scientifically educated people.

Roof church for the universe

The church for “Jesus Christ” unites all currents of the Christian faith and integrates all other religions and their places of worship in order to use them for meetings of the neo-Christian religion.

Emergence of new species

In particular, fruits, vegetables, farm animals and pets created for humans by the Creator.

Concepts for a new universe

Cube-shaped universe for better use of space, turbo creation for accelerated genetic creation and structure of the atmosphere.

Shared experiences in the universal village

Joint sports and cultural events throughout the universe, and much more mediated through hallucinations or virtuality.

Umbrella company for the economy in the universe

Don’t be afraid of monopolies in a world with “Jesus Christ” and without money.

Umbrella party for the universe

All parties in the universe should belong to a democratic umbrella party that puts the unifying over the dividing.

Umbrella organization

All non-governmental organizations are also integrated centrally.

Supporting humanity in the universe

Turbo civilization development with concepts from a complete package by Maik Endener and his team

Democratic organization of the universe

Universe council, universe section councils, galaxy councils, planetary councils.

Uniform law for the entire universe

Each planet will be able to use the identical laws developed by Maik Endener and his team.

“Eternal” youth

Eliminating the aging and rejuvenation of mankind so that all people can live with permanent youth and live hundreds of years until they regrettably accidentally die.

Dialogues with the Creator for every person

Supporting the creator in people’s everyday life through direct dialogue with a voice that is generated in the brain by the creator, but apparently comes from outside through the ears. Purpose: Warning of dangers (environmental disasters, traffic, etc.) and help with private and professional activities.

Virtual trips and products through the father

Based on hallucinations, complex products (food, computers, etc.) can be faded into the brain. While asleep, full-body 3D dreams can be undertaken in the spirit, even allowing them to appear in other places.

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