New spirit

With the time method, the one and only spirit receives a new life. He changes from “Satan” the old creator to “Jesus” the new creator. Just like Saul who became Paul; only with a more radical new beginning.

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The one-mind truth

There is only one spirit and no adversary.

Creator convicted

Revealed that the Creator confirmed people in all religions in their views.

The truth about heaven and hell

Revealed that there is no heaven and no hell.

The truth about angels and Jesus

Revealed that the Creator has no angels and that Jesus is no longer alive.

Old Creator obliterated

Creator in 2014 therapeutically extinguished with the name “true Satan”.

The previously non-existent “father” in space will arise

At last we will have a Creator who can be called God and who will be worthy of that title.

Big Bang theory taking into account the existence of the Creator

Discovered that the Creator created the galaxies one by one using negative energy.

Genetic creation through evolutionary creation

Discovered that the Creator worked genetic creation with his energy.

Experience the “real father” and Maik Endener at a live performance

In later phases of his work, Maik Endener will appear internationally as a speaker. Always by his side, of course, the “true father” will speak.

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