New services.

Forms of worship will be varied and dance events with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are also planned.

Services in churches

Gatherings of people in churches with sermons, music and prayer have proven themselves internationally. Different forms are to be offered in parallel here.

Services in the apartment

Diversity in the forms of worship also results from the house groups in which every person in the universe should participate. In turn, small church services are held in the apartment of the participants in the group of friends, colleagues or neighborhood houses.

Outdoor worship services

Celebrate life together at a BBQ. Church services in the open air are a special experience that everyone involved enjoys when the weather is good.

Worship services in the Spirit

With the methods of virtuality (formerly hallucination) the spirit can “bring” crowds into the spirit and let them come together in virtual assemblies.

Services at festivals

AQAVA and life can also be celebrated at a party. In particular, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) will be an enrichment for the spectrum of the eternal religion.

Life is a service

Worship means serving God. How do you serve God? By living a successful life. So every breakfast and every housecleaning becomes a service.

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More than 20 years of experience with the master plan & growing

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