New sacred music.

Rock, Pop, EDM: anything goes. Sacred music will no longer be subject to the superstition that electric guitars or synthesizers are occult.

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New hymns

For the eternal religion, innumerable songs will be created on this and other planets.

Rewriting old hymns

In order to preserve the sometimes very beautiful songs, artists will adapt the lyrics to the new eternal religion.

Rewriting of old songs of other religions

Impulses from Asia or the Orient are also welcome as a basis for the songs of eternal religion. Nice melodies could be provided with new lyrics.

Modern sounds

Sacred music will know no boundaries and will also take up modern currents of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or metal music. Dark sounds in particular are ideal when dealing with ZATOX the old creator and his world history.

Traditional diversity

Folklore and classical music can provide valuable impulses for the eternal religion. Diversity is very important in the new religion. The aim is to promote unity among people, but not uniformity.

Contact with artists

Maik Endener’s team will form an artist pool and maintain contact with artists. They are important for the success of the overall project.

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More than 20 years of experience with the master plan & growing

Since 1998 the plan for the new universe has matured and it is time to put it into practice. You and your family can benefit personally from this and you are invited to participate.