New relationship persons.

The primary reference persons of the eternal religion are the creator AQAVA and also, as the subject of delimitation, the old creator ZATOX.

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The new creator will have a name: AQAVA. He will be the guarantee for a successful life in the universe.

ZATOX, the old creator

The old Creator will be called ZATOX even though he wanted to be called Satan. One of his greatest mistakes was to create the illusion that there was a devil that he always played himself.

Jesus of Nazareth

The exemplary living and teaching Jesus will be the central identification of the eternal religion. He exercised the office of Messiah and was an example for people and especially for the new ego AQAVA in the spirit.

Maik Endener

As the founder of eternal religion, Maik Endener strives to be an inspiration for people in eternity.

Numerous people in the past

In the new Bible, numerous people from human history are to be honored and presented as role models for the people in the universe.

People living in the future

In eternity, many outstanding people will emerge and they will also serve as role models in the eternal religion and lived tradition.

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