New organizations.

World capital and world government are the goal. A universe-wide holding company for all companies, a universe-wide church and a universe-wide party as well as a universe-wide NGO are planned.

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World capital

Each planet should have a world capital that is optimally designed in terms of urban planning. This should always be created identically and No. 1 should arise on our earth as a new foundation or redesign of an existing city.

World government

A world government is to be installed in the world capital that goes far beyond international cooperation in the UN. A world state should emerge so that we all live on this planet in one country or state.

Universe holding

All companies in the world capital are to be recorded and controlled (supported) centrally. The goal is a cash-free economy with a 20-hour work week and prosperity for all people.

Universe Church

The Church of AQAVA is to emerge above the Catholic Church, which will incorporate all existing churches and other religious communities such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

Universe party

The unity party, which all parties in the universe will join, should guarantee a democratic policy. Membership means self-commitment to the party’s canon of values.

Universe NGO

Many NGOs will no longer be necessary in the future, as the problems will be largely resolved. The rest of the remains should be supported centrally and provided with resources.

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