New life

Every creature should benefit from the transformation to the new spirit and receive a new, better life.

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No more violence

Through the Bible and other scriptures, all people are convinced that they can resolve their conflicts non-violently. The father also ensures security.

No more poverty

Poverty is systematically eliminated and will not arise again. Sustainable prosperity for all people is possible.

No more bullying

Verbally, too, people will treat each other more lovingly and no longer choose bad words. Just as the majority of people think it is today.

No more diseases

The Father will systematically heal all diseases so that there are no more pathogens on earth. They cannot arise by themselves.

Enough exercise for everyone

Many people lack the right amount of exercise. With the new Bible you will receive instructions on how to deal with your body.

Healthy nutrition for everyone

Some eat too much, some too little. Some eat the right thing, some the wrong thing. The new Bible will provide guidance on nutrition, and the Father will provide support when people cannot cope on their own.

Personal relationship with the father

The most important relationship of every human being will be the relationship with God. Because the relationship with him is the basis for a successful life. If the family dies in an accident, he is still there.

“Eternal youth”

We all have to die. Through genetic rejuvenation, the father can presumably give all people a longer life span and a healthier body feeling. To do this, he has to reverse the aging process in each cell until it reaches the desired state.

Connection to a community

Everyone will have access to a church congregation and house groups in order to have fellowship with other people. This community adds a valuable element to family and friends.

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