New earth

Without destroying the old earth, a radical change for the better is to be made, in which everything negative is minimized and everything positive is led to the optimum.

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Population reduction

Family planning (contraception) is the basis of population policy, which is intended to reduce the population to 5 billion people.

Overcoming Poverty

Homelessness and poverty should not exist in any country in the universe. Everyone should have an apartment with furniture and sufficient goods and services for daily needs.

Settlement concept

Some regions of the planets, e.g. in the vicinity of volcanoes or in flood or drought regions are not suitable for settlement. People should be relocated once.

Great healing of the earth

Absolute healing of the earth from all diseases and genetic defects through the action of the spirit on the genetic make-up.

Redistribution of many billions of euros

Redistribution of billions of euros from rich to poor with the aim of providing development aid after increasing it on the financial markets together with the “father”.

Abolition of the military and all weapons that are not used for shooting sports

In later stages God will make sure that not even the police will be armed.

World government in world capital

Incorporation of all previous states into a world state as federal states in a federal, democratic system that encompasses the entire universe.

Abolition of all means of payment

The principle that one receives wages for work and pays something for goods and services is abolished.

20 days working week with approx. 0% unemployment.

By eliminating many companies (military, banks, etc.), the workload is reduced without any loss of prosperity. In addition, robots will increasingly take over the work.

Mass therapy

Mental health to the degree of holiness for you and 100% of humanity through the new Bible and the new religion for the entire universe will be possible.

Purification of Creation

Abolition of all creatures that do not suit humans, such as B. Rats or Cockroaches by the Creator.

and much more

Many details are addressed in the blog, described in the books and later specified in the team.

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