Music of the neo-christian religion

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Since the neo-Christian religion is only just beginning to emerge, there is as yet no spiritual music in which God the Father, whom I let emerge from the spirit, is thematized.

In 2001, 20 years ago, I had the idea that I could transform the “one” spirit into the father. At that time the song “I Turn To You” by Melanie C was in the charts and I found it appropriate, as the driving music can easily translate my anticipation for the living father in space, which will soon arise.

Melanie C certainly wasn’t thinking of the new creator “Father” while she was writing this song and making the video. But it does not bother me. I would like to give you readers of my blog this song as an anchor so that you can have your first “hymn” of the neo-Christian religion. Many, infinitely many, more will arise on this and all other planets.

Christian faith can sound very modern. That is also the message that I associate with this post. There is already astonishing modernity in the Christian music scene, for example with Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Here I see part of the future for the neo-Christian religion, but music should firstly be diverse and, secondly, continue to be separated into secular and sacred music.

Because when God the Father turns to all people, there will be a great wave of needs for sacred music, so that today I would like to counteract an exaggeration with foresight.

“I Turn To You” is a secular song, and it is perhaps occult songs in the eyes of Christians. I’m sure God the Father will still like it …

What do you think of sacred music? Do you like hymns with organ accompaniment? Or what kind of music do you like? Let us know in the comments …

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