Music of the ancient Christian religion

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The music of the old Christian religion unfortunately contains many errors for the ears of the neo-Christian perspective. The texts just don’t fit 100% anymore. However, resourceful musicians will certainly do restoration work here and make many treasures fit for the new era.

One of my favorite songs is about the Book of Revelation: “Hosanna” from the Hillsong Church in Australia. Here the second coming of Jesus is sung about, who unfortunately cannot come because he has passed away. However, the members of this church believe in heaven, hell and that there is a Father on whose right side Jesus sits on the throne. Unfortunately I have to take this belief away from them.

I have very great sympathies for Hillsong and have listened to a lot of music, watched the DVDs, and sermons from Brian Houston and the international community expanding. I’m sure our new “Father in Space” will enjoy the work of the community and Brian Houston, who planted the church in the 1980s.

But I have to tell you that now I appear in place of Jesus and that I have a new earth, a new universe, a new Bible and a new spirit in my luggage. More is just not possible. I do everything I can and must do. But even Jesus would not be able to surpass me. What would he do differently? I can not think of anything more. I have probably found everything through years of brainstorming and will work out the details in the coming decades. I will set up an organization for this purpose and employ a large number of people.

I can recommend anyone interested to study Christian music and to pay attention to the differences between the old Christian theology and the new Christian theology. That trains the mind and makes you happy. I will soon write a lot more about the differences between the two religions (old and new).

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