Methods of the masterplan.

Numerous methods will be used to implement the masterplan.

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Therapy of the spirit

Conversational therapy, behavioral therapy and the exchange of the ego are at the center of the therapy, which began in 2011 and would have come to an end long ago had the mind not placed so much emphasis on the continuation of the old world history.

The new bible

A new Bible should unite all people in the universe and receive modern instructions for a successful life.

New services

Forms of worship will be varied and dance events with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) will also be planned.

New sacred music

Rock, Pop, EDM: anything goes. Sacred music will no longer be subject to the superstition that electric guitars or synthesizers are occult.

New relationship persons

In addition to many people who will play a role, the primary reference figures of the eternal religion are the spirit AQAVA and also as the subject of delimitation the old creator ZATOX.

New organizations

World capital and world government are the goal. A universe-wide holding company for all companies, a universe-wide church and a universe-wide party as well as a universe-wide NGO are planned.

Mass therapy

With the methods of scripture all people should learn to find the right way for themselves.

Redistribution of wealth

All billions in budgets should bring one or more generous bloodlots in favor of the eternal religion and Maik Endener will increase the money in the financial markets with the help of the knowing spirit and then channel it into development aid.

Transformation of the planets

Without destroying the planet, the dream of Christians should come true that a new earth will come into being. In addition, all people will be healed and motivated by the spirit and the new scriptures to systematically redesign the planet.

New life of the individual

Every person should experience an improvement while their living conditions are brought about the same. For this purpose, the life of every creature is analyzed 360 degrees and partially changed.

Turbo creation

The new creator will not create dinosaurs and will apply some innovations to genetic creation.

Turbo civilization development

With the help of the Bible and other scriptures as well as the help of AQAVA, people on other planets will enter the Internet age in just a few centuries, on all continents at the same time.

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More than 20 years of experience with the master plan & growing

Since 1998 the plan for the new universe has matured and it is time to put it into practice. You and your family can benefit personally from this and you are invited to participate.