Mass therapy.

With the methods of scripture all people should find the right path for themselves.

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100% to be reached

The Spirit of AQAVA is the guarantee for the spread of the new Bible, which is to be used for mass therapy. He will make a Bible available to everyone and also guarantee a 100% distribution on other planets.

Standardization of people

People receive a core of thought called AQAVA OS and are standardized to the extent that it is already practiced in religions today. However, the individuality is not canceled, but promoted.

Diversity of people

The diversity of people is taken into account in the therapy and the scriptures are addressed to every person on earth and even in the entire universe.

All mental illnesses are cured

The aim is to confidently heal all mental illnesses and prevent their development through early childhood education with the new scriptures.

All everyday problems are solved

All situations of human life are systematically addressed in a guide to a successful life. So you no longer need advice literature. The Bible will be enough.

Truth is the basis of mass therapy

The truth about the Spirit and about the universe will be the basis of therapy. If all people think the same way on this point, then there are no longer any significant conflicts between people.

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More than 20 years of experience with the master plan & growing

Since 1998 the plan for the new universe has matured and it is time to put it into practice. You and your family can benefit personally from this and you are invited to participate.