Is there a heaven and a hell?

90% of the world’s population live with a religion. Many religions, such as Christianity or Islam, have an idea of heaven and hell. It’s amazing that this belief still prevails in the 21st century. This may be because we actually had a Creator and he has also given numerous people at every point in human history ghost experiences.

It is inconceivable that this creator (in all religions he is seen as a positive person) could be a liar who has no heaven and no hell (it is intended for punitive purposes) at his disposal. But the fact is that there is neither heaven nor hell. Rather, it cannot exist due to the laws of nature to which the Creator is also bound. There is no place for dead souls in the universe, nor in any fourth dimension that simply does not exist in space. In addition, people have no soul, but are 100% extinguished with death and nothing but the decaying body and the memories of people remain.

But the fact is that the Creator was not an unconditionally good person and he did not see himself – as I know from him – as a good person either. He agreed to my naming him “true Satan” when I wiped him out in 2014 to pave the way for the existence of “Jesus Christ” in the Spirit, which did not previously exist.

The Creator was not God, he was neither the Father nor Allah or YHWH. He was just as little as he – and this is plausible for everyone today – did not embody Zeus or some other lost concept of God.

If essential aspects of the religions do not correspond to the truth, then it would really be wrong to call the old creator with a name from these obsolete religions. We just have to get used to the fact that creators are not called God. “The true Satan”, as I call the old creator, has told me again and again that “God is a reserved term”. Just what is it reserved for? For the Creator, no matter how wrong he is, how evil he was, how much he lied? Or for a good creator who plays a central role in religion. Here Jesus of Nazareth is actually a model for the new creator and more likely to be called God than the old creator.

In criticizing “true Satan” one can get so far that one understands him as the most evil that has ever existed and will exist. “Jesus Christ,” the new creator will see it that way. Of course we humans are not gods, but compared to the old creator we are all better, so nobler, more exemplary and even the worst people are more likely to be called a god than he is compared to the “true Satan”. God will see it that way when he comes out of my therapy.

Isn’t it to be called evil when the Creator lies and creates the illusion that there is a heaven and a hell? It is not a small offense, but a crime he committed against humanity. One cannot classify this lie as a trifle, but has to criticize it with the greatest determination.

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Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

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