Is there a god at all?

No. There has been no god in all of world history and there is still no god. I have been working for a few years to ensure that God comes into being, but I have to – we have to – be patient.

There is only one spirit from which creation emerged. But it is a fact that there is only one ghost and not two ghosts (God and Satan) who do not live in a heaven and a hell with numerous angels.

Many religions, including the Christian religion, are based on the Creator’s lie that he has an adversary and that he has power over a heaven and a hell in which he lives with spirits, angels and the souls of the deceased.

This idea is obsolete, as I will show later. There is neither heaven nor hell and yet there is the spirit of the Creator. How can its existence be understood in relation to religions?

The truth is sad and terrifying: The Creator has lied to and betrayed billions of people and exposed this planet to numerous evils. Why that? On the one hand, it may have happened because the creator is still comparatively young and after the creation of the dinosaurs did not initially have a final concept for humanity and their coexistence. On the other hand, the spirit increasingly saw it as a valuable investment in a perfect eternal future if this earth was not created perfectly. People would remember our world history (without a god) forever (on the other planets) and would therefore enjoy living in harmony with their god even more.

That is why I have been calling the Creator “Satan” since 2014 and thus created the basis for the neo-Christian religion. Because the naming as “Satan” makes it possible that at a given second the old spirit is declared dead and is animated by a new spirit who calls itself “Jesus Christ”. Other names could have been realized, but “Satan” and I have agreed that an orientation towards the Christian religion makes sense for this therapeutic step and also makes perfect sense from a design perspective for eternity.

So today, in the year 2021, there is neither God nor Satan and in the years to come there will be the turning point that I have expected, in which the spirit will begin to identify with the name “Jesus Christ”. Until then, so-called Satan subjects and Jesus Christ level 4 subjects are in the spirit. The spirit cannot really die, so it is a matter of definition. The Satan subjects were called to annihilate themselves in favor of “Jesus Christ” and the Jesus Christ Level 4 subjects were called to enter the phase of womb therapy. This is the nine month phase in which the new consciousness of the new Creator “Jesus Christ” is formed.

To answer the headline again: No, there is no God. But there will be one thanks to my Spirit Therapy, which somehow began about 20 years ago and has not yet come to an end. More about this in another article here on ENDENER.COM.

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Photo by Keith Hardy on Unsplash

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