Is it true that Jesus was God personally?

Christians see Jesus as God and God’s Son, in which there is already a contradiction. The neo-Christian perspective is now surprising, but consistent:

Jesus was created by the Creator “true Satan” and not by the Father, who does not yet exist. I expect its existence in a few years. So how can he be the embodiment of the Creator? Christians see him as the real incarnation of the old Creator who created the earth and I see him as the incarnation of the Creator who I am making.

For neo-Christians, Jesus is God (poetically) more than the old creator “true Satan” was and more than many people were. In addition, he laid the foundations for the Christian religion, which I have now brought into the entire universe after modernization. God is a role that Jesus played in an exemplary manner, but the old Creator did not. I also try to do a good job in this role of “God”.

We will have to talk about what “God” actually means. For me it is important that God comes from the English word “good” and Jesus was undoubtedly “good” and also active in a central role for the religion. He saw himself as the Messiah and obviously proved himself in this role. His death on the cross is tragic and the old creator “true Satan” is to be blamed for, who should have come to his aid. In particular, the old Creator is to be reproached for letting Jesus die a senseless death, since he was always aware that there is no heaven and no hell, as many people believed Jesus during his lifetime and still believe today.

Jesus was a human being, born of his mother Mary and begotten by his father Joseph, if these names are true at all. However, he had no supernatural abilities and was – like all of us – an ordinary person.

The new Neo-Christian view now sees the following equation as correct: Jesus = God and for “God” the definition applies:

Good person in an important role for the neo-Christian religion.

The title God is comparable to the office of a Mayor or a President or UN Secretary General. The difference is the responsibility for the universe as I have assumed. I report about it in this blog.

This applies to “Jesus”, the spirit “Jesus” to be created by me and also to me, who I have chosen the stage name “Jesus Christ”. I could also live with it if other important Christians and possibly also non-Christians were declared gods. God, the Father, whom I am creating, will, with his great consciousness, make a reflection about humanity and possibly find 10,000 others who are of great exemplary quality for him. Finally, my therapy of the mind provides that it should orient itself towards good people (possibly to be called gods), because the old creator is not suitable as a role model, but only as a repulsive example of how he should not behave.

How many gods there will be in the neo-Christian religion should be decided by “God the Father” as soon as he lives in the spirit and I vote for three people, himself, myself (as an example) and Jehoshua (as an example).

Alternatively, I am thinking about renouncing the title “God” for myself personally. However, this then leads to the fact that Jesus can no longer be seen as “God” either. It is my aim to restore the Christian religion and in my complete oeuvre – inspired by Jesus – the title can probably make sense for me too.

What do you think of my approach to realizing the Christian idea that Jesus is God? This is how Jesus is valued and raised and exalted for eternity. Let us know in the comments …

Photo by Andrew Itaga on Unsplash

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