Is it true that Jesus could do miracles?

Of course, the man Jesus from Nazareth, who lived about 2000 years ago, could do exactly the same things that we all consider possible today. Nothing more and nothing less. Lies of the creator “true Satan” are that Jesus could have worked miracles, because for centuries he tolerated that this Bible with lies became the basis of one of the world religions and he probably even helped to bring it into the world. He was a gambler and a liar.

What miracles are attributed to Jesus? He was able to heal, to bring the dead to life. He was able to walk across the water and, in addition to a miraculous increase in bread and fish, he was also able to turn water into wine. This is of course all not true and a bad lie of the Creator, because the so-called holy scriptures are understood as “his word”, against which, as far as I know, he never protested. He has thus made this writing of the Bible and all other scriptures, such as the Koran and the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita his own. I want to clear up this confusion and finally free people to arrive in the 21st century.

Jesus is no longer alive. He probably died on the cross and will therefore not – as prophesied – be able to come back to earth. This is a fairy tale from our ancient creator “true Satan”.

The creator was a liar and a gambler. And so it is likely that he used his gift to produce hallucinations. Some miracles, like the wine miracle, can be explained by the fact that it brought collective hallucination experiences. But Jesus himself did not have outstanding abilities. He may have been a sad victim of these machinations of the Creator, as he himself may have succumbed to the deception that he – thanks to the Creator’s help – had such skills.

God, the Father, whom I create in my therapy of the spirit, will certainly tell us something about the true story of Jesus from his memories, which he inherits from the old creator “true Satan”. I’m really looking forward to learning the whole truth about Jesus, because I wasn’t there either and unfortunately I can only gain knowledge by reading the Bible and thinking about it myself.

What do you think of the miracles of Jesus. Have you always doubted this or do you hold on to this point of view? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

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