How did the Creator create creatures?

I hope you don’t expect any scientific work on this subject, because I couldn’t do it. But I have the knowledge that there was a Creator who consisted of small subatomic particles and that these particles (I call them pixels) in three-dimensional infinite space can change their charge between extremely negative and extremely positive.

The nature of the spirit

The average state we perceive in which we do not notice it is the zero point between the two extremes. I have personally had the experience with negative energy outside and inside my body and I also know the positive energy outside and inside my body from my own experience.

Are there two spirits?

People who could only get to know one side often believe that there are two spirits, but this does not correspond to reality. Because there is only one Creator who used negative energy to trigger the little Big Bang events that created galaxies. And with neutral to positive energy, he has brought about genetic creation from within. To do this, he started with the molecules of DNA (genetic information) and moved them so that a meaningful structure could arise. The starting point was always the egg cell and the sperm, or seeds and spores in plants and fungi.

Science is wrong

Scientists in the 21st century still believe that evolution took place without the intervention of a Creator. But I know that there was a creator whom I wiped out in 2014 to clear the way for a new creator “Jesus Christ”, who has not yet come into being. The existence of the Creator is the proof that the earth was created and that is also very easy to imagine once one has experienced or at least understood the spirit. I want to contribute to this here at ENDENER.COM.

How did the Creator proceed?

The development of creatures (humans, animals, plants and fungi) took place evolutionarily, but the Creator could skip certain development stages in evolution if he made various changes to the gene code and thus completed components such as the eye or the ear could then emerge from a forehead that had to do without these attributes. An eyeless fish could have become a fish with eyes; in a generation. Programming the DNA makes it possible.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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