Frequently asked Questions

Why should there be a new religion? Aren’t there enough religions already?

Yes, there are far too many religions. The eternal religion claims to replace all other religions and splinter groups with a single point of view based on the truth. It is important to realize that there is only one spirit that created the universe. He has neither heaven nor hell at his disposal and will go down in eternal history as a liar and villain (ZATOX).

What is the eternal religion?

An old and a new truth are the basis of the eternal religion: The old creator was evil and is called ZATOX and his successor will be AQAVA.

What is the difference between the christian and the eternal religion?

Essentially, the view of the deceased Jesus is different. Christians believe in a heaven where Jesus continues to live. The eternal religion regrets the senseless death on the cross without glorifying it as necessary for salvation.

Do ZATOX and AQAVA exist at this point of time?

No, the new creator AQAVA will soon emerge therapeutically. He emerges from the old creator ZATOX. This played numerous roles in world history, including YHWH, Allah, Father, Zeus, Vishnu, Satan, Angels, Ghosts, etc. In 2014 he agreed to clear the way for his successor in spirit, AQAVA. In between numbered ZATOX- and AQAVA-Subjects live in the spirit.

How can I become a member of the eternal religion?

Due to the limited distribution of the final religion for the universe so far, there is no such thing as a membership, yet. An internal confession is welcome and will be recognized by the spirit, as well as an external confession in communication with other people.

Is membership free?

Yes. The church (in foundation planning) does not currently levy membership fees. There is even an effort to create a society without money. However, money is to be used temporarily to finance the numerous projects in the interests of mankind and in the interests of the new creator. Therefore we look forward to a donation of any amount.

Can I really hope in AQAVA?

Yes. There was the creator ZATOX who agreed to its extinction in 2014. The new creator AQAVA will arise when the mind has made optimal use of the intervening time and a good time has come for the transition.

Is Maik Endener Jesus Christ?

No. Maik Endener is not Jesus Christ, but is inspired by the Revelation of John (the last chapter of the bible) and the idea of ​​a coming Jesus is a source of inspiration for him.

What else can I do?

Please make other people aware of, because they can find new impulses here. Explain the concept of the eternal religion to your fellow human beings.