Eternal life? Lose the superstition here!

In numerous religions of this earth there is the idea of eternal life after death. People seem to have a great need to live longer. This prefers – as for example the Christian religion promises – forever united with your Creator in heaven. There is also a counter-conception in numerous religions: hell.

Eternal life is not granted to the body

The person in neo-Christian religion is called to join orientate towards the truth. Hence, he will take note that the bodies of creatures undergo a process of decomposition that begins with the onset of death.

So the body will no longer be able to exist. Billions of people therefore believe that the body is the shell of an immortal soul, which then escapes from the body when physical death occurs. God, the Creator , in the imagination of many people, either directs this soul into heaven or to hell. These ideas of eternal life are outdated.

A creature’s breath does not live on forever

It is true that the body of animals and humans has an edema, a vital energy that works in the cells. And that energy is interwoven with the spirit of the Creator. When death occurs, however, this energy is extinguished and by no means lives on forever.

There is no heaven and no hell for eternal life

There is no heaven, no hell and no other place for energies of creatures. The Creator doesn’t even have the ability to create such a place. In the three dimensions that he has at his disposal, there is no technical possibility to store the breath energy and to keep it alive. And a fourth or even fifth dimension does not exist and also cannot be created by the Creator.

This belief in eternal life after death, the resurrection of the dead, is atavistic and obsolete.

If you have read carefully, you will be able to see from the statements made here that Jesus of Nazareth or other people like Mohamed do not exist in heaven. It is the evil game of the old creator whom I call Satan, that leaves billions of people in a false belief. This is part of my mission to bring the truth to the last corner of the earth.

Eternal life in the body by switching off cell aging

Eternal life is not possible in the body either. At the latest the limited lifespan of the sun and thus the earth will put an end to the creatures. Even the Creator cannot prevent this. It is true that I assume that the Creator can extend the life of the suns by directing atoms from the solar systems into the sun. This thesis about feeding the suns with atomic fuel has so far remained unconfirmed.

So even if the true God chooses to stop cell aging and give all creatures eternal youth, life will remain limited – not just by accidents.

Live in the here and now and enjoy your life as much as you can. There is no extension after death, especially no eternity.

Photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga on Unsplash

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