Does atheism have a future?

If, like me, one has had the overwhelming experience that there is a Creator, one can assume that the confusion of humanity has no future on this planet or on any other planet. Sooner or later the spirit of the Creator will communicate with all people and that almost simultaneously, that is, daily. There will soon come a time when you will understand it as completely normal to wish your Father in space a “good morning” and to receive the answer: “good morning”. I have often experienced this with the spirit and it simply makes sense and is downright necessary for the earth that we live in harmony with the Creator and all of creation.

Atheists firmly believe that there is no God and I agree with them on that. So far there has been no God in human history because the Creator was so evil that since 2014 I have even been calling him “true Satan”. What atheists usually mean: a “Creator does not exist”. It is clear to me that we had a creator. There is no doubt about that. But he could not embody “God”, “Father”, “Allah”, “YHWH” or any other conception of God and by no means all of them at the same time.

If one regards the earth as a state or even the entire universe, then a president, and so one can see the creator, would be criminally wrong before the laws of the earth if he allowed and even produced such a universe and world history.

Wars between states are then to be regarded as civil wars. Who would approve of a president who tolerates numerous civil wars in his country and even helps to divide society deeply? Here the old Creator was so wrong, as I will continue in other articles, that he simply cannot be called “God” and certainly not “Father” or “Jesus”.

Atheism is the attitude of around 10% of the world’s population. In my country, Germany, this attitude seems particularly widespread. Often it is because the offers of the churches no longer seem to fit into this time. A large group of atheists should not really be shaped by missionary zeal, but are simply disinterested in questions of faith. 90% of the world’s population live in a religion. And it goes without saying that, due to the differences and contradictions, they only ever live in one religion.

It is obvious that there will soon come a time – I am working on with these lines – in which the final question arises for all people: “Which is the true religion?”. And my answer is: “None of the current religions, but the neo-Christian religion”. This is the update for the Christian faith. It is designed in such a way that it can please Christians and all other people in a hypermodern society (which will exist in the entire universe): according to people, but also according to God.

Is atheism your thing? Or not at all because you firmly believe in a God? Or are you already on the way to a neo-christian faith? Let’s find out in the comments …

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