Do you have ghost experience yourself? Get to know the background!

Millions of people on this planet have a conscious spirit experience even during their lifetime, and it can take place in different ways. Let us once again realize that there was only one Creator who could do everything in his power without angels, spirits or an adversary until he died in 2014.

Successors have been in the spirit since 2014, and I assign them to the “true Satan” retrospectively until the final emergence of “Jesus Christ”. They are, so to speak, its temporal extension, which has lasted for seven years (until 2021).

So you had a ghost experience? How can it be that they have experienced Allah, YHWH, the Father or some other deity? How can it be that they were able to get to know the devil or even speak to spirits, angels and dead souls?

The answer is simple. The ancient creator “true Satan” played a role-playing game with numerous roles. I myself went through a phase in my life (2012 to 2014) in which he spoke to me with distributed roles and led me astray that there were so many subjects in the mind. However, that was not the reality and I saw through his game in 2014.

The ghost experiences I’ve had:

  • Dreams
  • Hallucinations (optics, acoustics, olfactory, haptic and gustatory)
  • Positive energy within the body (can be felt)
  • Negative energy within the body (is very painful)
  • Positive energy outside the body (can be seen and felt)
  • Negative energy outside the body (can be seen and felt)
  • Voice in the brain
  • Voice through my mouth
  • Voice through the mouth of others
  • Control of my body
  • Control of other bodies
  • Voice appearing to enter the brain through the ears (acoustic hallucination)

You can safely assume that all the roles in which he met people played himself. He actually has no company of angels. It’s a fairytale lie. The spirit is different. It is less than people think and yet more at the same time. I will go into this in a post about the mind and its possibilities.

What kind of ghost experiences did you have? Write it in the comments!

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

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