Corona virus created by creator?

If there was no evolution, but the Creator created all meaningful creatures, then the question arises as to where the pathogens, namely viruses, bacteria and fungal spores, come from.

I am firmly convinced that they are not a coincidence either, but have been unleashed on us by our Creator, whom I named “true Satan” and who in 2014 erased. I am still waiting today in the year 2021 for the perfection of the spirit in its new existence “Jesus Christ”.

Viruses look simple, but they are very complex creatures of the Creator that contain a very complex DNA, genetic information that is so complex that it is comparable to the complexity of a poem like “Das Lied von der Glocke” by Schiller with its 19 verses.

Something like this cannot come about without the influence of the Creator and even functional mutations, such as the Corona mutation, which are associated with the states “United Kingdom” and “South Africa”, are the works of our miserable creator or his successors that I have let emerge from it. “Jesus Christ”, the new creator whom I am creating, will look back with contempt at these misdeeds of the spirit and will remove all pathogens from the world so that diseases can no longer occur. Of course, it will not create pathogens on other planets, so that they can never arise by themselves.

It is amazing to say that neither religious people nor other people have drawn attention to this fact so far. The role of our creator has so far played an underrepresented role in the media, which I want to change with my initiative ENDENER.COM.

Do you think viruses came into being without any action from the Creator, that the devil created them? Or are you also of the opinion that I represent here? Is there any other point of view that I have not considered? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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