Can you prove that there is a Creator?

So far no one seems to have been able to prove that we have a Creator who made creation. We would all have heard of this evidence by now.

I want to make my contribution to this question, also because I have been asked several times in the last two days whether I could prove that there is a Creator …

Can you prove that atoms exist? Can you prove that DNA exists? Can you prove that arithmetic operations are carried out in a microprocessor?

Some things can only be proven in the laboratory; with special device. With the possibilities available to us in everyday life, these things, i.e. atoms, DNA and arithmetic operations, cannot be proven in a processor. You can talk about it and explain it, but you cannot prove it. It is the same with the Creator. It consists of so fine particles that it is finer than the smallest particles that we have recognized so far, so much finer than electrons or even atoms. I call these particles pixels. The Creator consists of an infinite number of pixels that are connected in a network of neurons (neural network). He can think that way. His invention of the brains of animals and humans is based on this technology, which, however, is used to transmit signals from synapses.

How are you supposed to prove these particles in your kitchen or living room? It can be said that the immense complexity of creation could not have come about without a Creator. Because a computer program like the Linux operating system does not come about by chance. You can wait billions of years and the screen stays black. It is the same with genetic creation. Without the Creator there would be no humans today and not even single-cell organisms can arise by themselves. This is a misconception of the atheistic sciences.

A proof in everyday life is therefore impossible. But at some point in the laboratory, the particles, i.e. the pixels, could be discovered. I think that is likely and it remains to be seen.

Until then, there is only personal experience, and that depends solely on the willingness of the spirit to grant an individual an experience or withhold it. I do not know what criteria he uses to make this decision. But it is wrong to let people believe that they are unobserved and that there is no Creator who has access to the brains. It would be correct if the Creator cultivated a good relationship with every single person, as I have been suggesting to him for years.

I can understand people who want proof. However, the previous absence of proof is not proof of the opposite, i.e. the non-existence of a Creator. Here the atheists should consider for themselves how they can prove their point of view that negates the one creator. There is no convincing evidence here either.

Should I be wrong and you have a good creator evidence or an atheist evidence that I should consider, please let us know in the comments …

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