Highlights of the Neo-Christian Religion

The neo-Christian religion is a novelty for the year 2021. The idea has matured in me personally in the last few decades and it cannot be ruled out that other people have and will come to similar insights and approaches. To give readers of endener.com a quick overview, this article should briefly summarize the highlights of the neo-Christian religion. You can write a lot more on all of the topics mentioned here and I’ll do that here in the blog and I’m working on several books at the same time, as some topics can be better presented and understood in a larger context. What is the neo-Christian religion?

★ New religion for the universe

The essence of the new religion, the neo-Christian religion, is the relationship with God, which will only arise in the future. The neo-Christian religion could also be called the future Christian religion, because in the present, the year 2021 after Christ, this God does not yet exist.

I saw through many years ago that the Creator was the only spirit that existed. So there is neither a heaven nor a hell. Consequently there are no angels and Jesus is no longer alive either. The Christian religion builds on these elements, so that it – like all other religions – has become obsolete.

The reasoning is very simple. In the course of my therapy of the mind, which I have been doing with different intensities since 2001, the mind has decided to accept the therapy steps.

This is an erasure of the old ego and an awareness of the new ego in the mind.

★ Ancient Creator Wiped Out

We had a Creator whom I have worked therapeutically since 2001. In 2014 it was therapeutically extinguished in my therapy, which is comparable to the change from “Saul” to “Paul”. The old creator was given the name “true Satan” by mutual agreement and now there are interim subjects in the spirit, all of which are still added to him and his sphere. In the near future the spirit will see the right time come to make the turn to the “true father”. This therapy has become necessary because the spirit has sinned so profoundly and it is actually not described as the creator in any of the roles of the gods in the existing religions. Every religion sees the Creator as a sacred authority that stands high above. The Creator was never this holy authority and he sinned until the end.

★ God will be created

The new beginning will enable the “true Father” to live a sin-free life and to lead the universe responsibly, i. H. to increase the usefulness of all subjects and to avert harm from them. The old Creator did not do that during his tenure and he was repentant because he had known for a long time that he could not go on like this. After all, he had deceived all people in all of human history and left his lies-based religions, especially the Christian faith, in the world.

★ New Bible for the universe

The Bible as we know it contains many grave errors from the perspective of the neo-Christian religion. The main changes that the new Bible will contain are a reference of all religion to the new Creator (Jesus Christ) who emerges from the old Creator (true Satan). Furthermore, the role of Jesus will be oriented towards the truth, which regrets and no longer glorifies his sad and senseless death on the cross. Furthermore, the biblical stories are either removed or retold so that they are oriented towards the truth, for there was no garden of Eden in which Adam and Eve lived, nor did a global flood take place which can be interpreted as the Creator’s punishment would. Unfortunately, there are only a few places left that can be taken over unchanged.

For the revision of the Bible, I plan to form a team of theologians and other scientifically educated people. I am currently planning this work for the time after the emergence of God in order to achieve better results with his support (including reports from his memories inherited from the old creator).

★ New Earth Concepts

In the Bible it is described that a new earth would be created and Christians speculated for the last centuries whether this could happen in 7 days, as they often believe that the earth was created in 7 days by the Father or even Jesus. This hope must be disappointed, because the Creator cannot create the earth in 7 days, but rather took 7 billion years. There will be no truly new earth any more than there will be a new universe. However, I find this myth inspiring and together with my team I want to present a complete package for the reshaping of the earth and the accelerated, optimized construction of all planets (turbo creation). The main contents of these plans will be:

  • Abolition of the military and all weapons that are not used for shooting sports. In later stages God will make sure that not even the police will be armed.
  • Abolition of money (not just cash), so that the principle of getting wages for work and paying for products is abolished.
  • 20 days working week with approx. 0% unemployment.
  • World government in the world capital and integration of all previous states into a world state as federal states in a federal, democratic system.
  • Healing of the earth from all diseases and genetic defects through the action of the spirit on the genetic make-up.
  • Abolition of all creatures that do not suit humans, such as B. Rats or Cockroaches by the Creator.
  • Creation of new species (especially fruit, vegetables, farm animals and domestic animals) created by the Creator.
  • Support of the creator in people’s everyday life through direct dialogue with a voice that is generated in the brain by the creator, but apparently comes from outside through the ears.
    • Warning of dangers (environmental disasters, traffic, etc.)
    • Help with private and professional activities
  • Eliminating the aging and rejuvenation of humanity so that all people can live with permanent youth and live hundreds of years until they regrettably have an accident.
  • and much more

★ New Universe Concepts

Basically all planets in the universe should be led to the optimum, as well as our earth. The planets are to be created accelerated and optimized (turbo creation) and the people are to be supported by the new creator “true father” in building civilization (turbo civilization development), so that grievances can be avoided as they are on this one Planet earth gave and gives. The galaxies should be arranged in the form of a cube in three-dimensional space in order to make the most of the space (three-dimensional field). There should be a universe council and councils for areas of the universe, which are organized hierarchically. The gatherings can take place by means of the virtuality in the mind, which I have described. There will be joint sports and cultural events of the entire universe (Olympics, Grand Prix singing competition, football universe championships, etc.). There will also be a universe-wide day for an EDM event based on the model of the Love Parade in Berlin. Rave events are held at numerous locations on every planet that has already been created (project name: JesusJump).

★ Public ministry in place of Jesus

Jesus died and will not be able to come again, as Christians have been expecting for about 2000 years. I took this myth as inspiration to do everything I can to replace its appearance with my work. To this end, I took on the role of Jesus who comes again and see it as an office that I exercise. Of course I don’t confuse myself with him. I am and will remain Maik Endener. It is so that for years I have wondered what I can do to make the maximum contribution to the success of what is prophesied in the Revelation of John. My work concerns the four dimensions “Spirit”, “Universe”, “Earth” and “Masterplan”. I worked in secret until 2021 and recently I have been addressing the general public. With this blog and the books I’m working on, I want to make my work accessible to everyone in the universe. I expect that “God the Father” will personally tell everyone in the universe about my work in a few years. You must not expect miracles from my work as reported by Jesus. But I want to work the miracle of freeing people from all superstitions. This also includes the superstition that Jesus was able to work miracles.

Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

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