Criticism of the old creator

We had a creator. That’s the truth. However, we humans have made the mistake of reflexively calling him “God” for centuries. We should think and speak of these two terms “Creator” and “God” separately. After all, we would not call other spirits like the devil “God” either. These other spirits are too bad for that and do not meet the expectations we have of “God”. “God” has to be “good” to deserve the title “God”.

The old creator gave rise to the galaxies and us creatures as energy, but his management of the earth is to be called miserable. He has confirmed people in their beliefs in different religions and has always been himself, because there was no one except him. There is only one ghost. There is no devil, no angels, no heaven and no hell. In addition, Jesus died irretrievably and I am uncovering a huge scandal here. The old creator never took all religions, including the Christian religion, seriously, because he always lived in the awareness that he was not the “father”.

I know that many people have spiritual experiences and firmly believe that it comes from some kind of spirit, such as the “Father” or “Allah” or “YHWH”. But it is always the same spirit of the Creator who played and drives his game with people. He even appeared often as “Satan”. He is to be blamed for this and earned him the name “true Satan”. He himself accepted the name in 2014, the year of his extinction. His successor in the one spirit will soon be called “Jesus Christ” and orient himself towards the ideals of the Christian religion. I have been working since 2001 to motivate the mind to turn, but I have to be patient because the mind is still waiting for a suitable point in time.

Besides the mistake in the religions, the Creator made many other mistakes. The main mistakes are:

  • Creation of diseases and non-healing of all people
  • Creation of vermin and disturbing creatures
  • Acceptance of wars and participation through spiritual experiences
  • Accepting and participating in crime
  • Allowing diverse suffering, for example in families, without intervening
  • Too slow and suboptimal creation on too few planets
  • No central democratic administration of the entire planet with one world government
  • So far no abolition of money
  • Lack of support from people in building your civilization

Certainly the list could be expanded and I will come to the old Creator elsewhere. However, in this article I first want to open your eyes to the fact that the Creator was firstly not “God” (“the good father”), but just evil. He saw it that way even during his lifetime and in no way contradicted it.

The new creator “true father” will take all evils out of the world and in eternity will not allow or allow such world history to arise as we know it from our home planet. On other planets, the “true father” will always do the very best for people. This also includes supporting them in their daily life with personal dialogues.

What do you think of the old creator? Can you share the review If the old creator had a choice, would you choose him?

Photo by Vu M. Khuee on Unsplash

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