Did the Deluge take place?

The Bible tells of a flood as a catastrophic flood aimed at destroying all mankind and animals in the countryside. Noah and his family, as well as some land animals, escaped the disaster.

This, of course, is a biblical myth that never happened that way. If it were true that there was a deluge, then we would all be descended not only from Adam and Eve, but from Noah and his family. How do Christians explain the different ethnic groups on the continents? It just didn’t happen that way. What kind of sense is this story supposed to make? Who wants to call a Creator the Loving Father who has such an image that he makes people drown because they are not God fearing enough?

The ancient creator “true Satan” as I have called him since his extinction in 2014 did not have the power to cause a great flood. I describe the possibilities and limits of the power of the spirit elsewhere, but at this point I can make it clear that although it can create galaxies with its negative energy and genetically form creatures with its energy (in sperm and egg cell or semen), however, it cannot levitate objects like chairs. Nor can it divide the sea or move clouds and make it rain. This is superstition by believers who still take the Bible too literally.

There have been many floods on planet earth and other planets will also be affected as soon as they have water, the Creator has created an atmosphere and clouds to form so the first rain can start.

The background of the Flood mythology is a probably real flood disaster, which found its entrance in numerical, Babylonian and Greek scriptures. The story of Noah is, however, a fairytale exaggeration, because the “Noah’s Ark”, which he is said to have built on behalf of the Creator, will never have captured the entire biodiversity of the planet on all continents.

The story that the whole earth (the entire planet) was covered by masses of water is highly implausible and it is astonishing that today people still believe very strongly that it actually happened.

So we can say that the story is not true and a God who exterminates people cannot be called “Father, Jesus or Holy Spirit”. That is why I named the Creator, who actually made mankind suffer too much, “true Satan” and extinguished him therapeutically in order to make way for his successor “Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit” in the one spirit. More on this in other posts.

What do you think of the story of Noah? Do you think it happened? How do you imagine that and what do you think about a creator who is so cruel and at the same time has to answer for this cruel human history?

Photo by rachman reilli on Unsplash

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