Can there be a new earth?

Christians have been waiting for a new earth for centuries, as the Bible prophesies. Radical ideas have arisen in this regard. So the Creator could destroy the old earth and create a new earth within 7 days.

Let us ask ourselves the question: How could the Creator let the earth go under?

  1. He can create a galaxy close to our earth, so that the glowing lava pulp that arises would burn our earth.
  2. In addition, he can purposefully end all life on the planet with his negative energy.

However, the mind will not use either option, since they are pointless. Like me, the spirit takes an approach without the destruction of the earth.

A new earth can still exist if it has the right – poetic – idea of “new”. In my articles I describe what the “new earth” can and will look like. However, everything that is good and worth preserving remains.

However, the changes will be so serious that one can really speak of a “new earth”. It is comparable to the establishment of a new state on the soil of an old state, like the establishment of the “Federal Republic of Germany” and the establishment of the “GDR” on the soil of the “German Reich”. Only the turning point through “Jesus Christ” will be more serious and positive, so that the innovation will firstly be even more significant and also more welcome.

So there can be a “new earth” and the question of the heading can be answered with a “yes”. You can find out more about the “new earth” in other articles here in the blog.

What do you think about the “new earth”? Do you think it will come soon? Please write a comment.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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