Core statements of the neo-Christian faith

There was a creator who created the galaxies with his negative energy and who brought about the genetic creation with his energy. The mind consists of an infinite number of fine particles, the pixels.

The Creator fooled all people in all religions and does not deserve to be called “Father” so that he has received the name “true Satan“. His spiritual successor will be the “true father“.

There is no heaven and no hell, no devil, no angels and Jesus no longer lives. Jesus will not come again as described in the Bible.

Maik Endener is working on doing the following in place of Jesus:

  • Therapy of the spirit in order to let the new creator “Father or Jesus” emerge from the old creator “Satan”
  • Submit a concept for a better (new) universe
    • Unifying neo-Christian religion for all people in the universe
    • Mass psychotherapeutic effect by conveying the truth
    • Concept for better planets analogous to the new earth
    • Concept for accelerated creation and optimized civilization development
  • Submit a concept for a better (new) earth
    • Foundation of a world state with a central world capital and world government
    • Foundation of the roof church for the universe “Church of Jesus Christ” above the Vatican
    • Foundation of an umbrella party for the universe “Parties of Jesus Christ”
    • Establishment of a parent company, which is like a holding company for the global economy
    • Foundation of an umbrella organization (NGO) for all planets
    • Abolition of all means of payment
  • Revise the Bible to make it fit for eternity on other planets (new Bible)
  • Redistribution of billions of dollars from the ultra-rich to the ultra-poor with the aim of development aid with the detour via the financial markets, in which an outperformance is to be achieved with the knowledge of the “true father”
  • Public work (lectures in front of cameras) instead of Jesus

You may be wondering how the new Bible can get to the other planets? The “true father” can dictate them to people both for writing and by hallucinating them into their brains during the day, so that they can copy them off.

What do you think of these key messages of the neo-christian faith? Can you share it Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

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