What is the difference between the Christian and the Neo-Christian religion?

The similarities are not discussed here, as I want to focus on the differences and I’ll be brief. In short, the commonalities are the Christian ideals, the Christian values. There are certainly numerous differences, especially when one goes into the Bible, which is full of errors and lies. I will revise the Bible with qualified team members as soon as I have the opportunity.

Here are a few key differences in tabular form. In other articles I go into details of these statements and I will write more articles.

Christian religionNeo-Christian religion
Adversary = Satan1. Creator = Satan
Eternal Creator = Father2. Creator = Father
Heaven existsThe universe before the turning point is called Hell
Hell existsThe universe after the turning point is called heaven
Jesus lives in heavenJesus died
Jesus is coming againMaik Endener takes his place
New earth will ariseNew universe, new spirit and new earth will arise
Creation in 7 daysCreation of galaxies and genetic creation by the creator (pixel spirit)
MiraclesNo miracles possible
Immaculate birthOrdinary procreation by Joseph
Trinity doctrine with three subjectsTrinity doctrine with three names
Existence of angelsAngels do not exist
Final judgment through JesusFinal judgment through the spirit “Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit”
Communion of saintsCommunity of saints, in the future 100% of humanity
Differences between Christian and Neo-Christian religion

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