How is true Satan to be judged?

In neo-Christian theology, the old Creator of the universe is called “true Satan” and the new Creator I created is called “Father”. Although this name is based on familiar terms, it is revolutionary and takes some getting used to.

This old creator “true Satan” died out from me in 2014 after 10 weeks of dialogue about human history and its trespasses. The spirit has repeatedly confirmed that it understands it to be extinguished and that it is now waiting for a day when the spirit lets the “true father” emerge from itself.

The real Satan was a beginner. He awoke in his mind maybe 15 billion years ago and of course had no idea what kind of universe he would create. This idea matured in him during the very long period of time until the galaxies cooled down, so that he found planets that were suitable for creation. What is certain now is that he chose our earth to create an atmosphere there by creating plants and then he created animals, namely the dinosaurs.

Later in a new creation based on the primordial creation, he created refined living things based on the mammalian concept, such as humans, dogs, cats and cattle and sheep. To do this, he programmed the DNA of the creatures in the egg cell and in the sperm.

His achievements are enormous, but it can also be said that creating the universe was a small thing for him. Because creating a galaxy is about as laborious as cutting down a tree and so he created many galaxies in the long time he had at his disposal. At a time when he was alone in space and no other occupation was available.

Genetic creation is comparable to the work of a programmer writing computer programs. The mind is hyper-intelligent and it is easy for it to think genetically and to effect creation.

Our respect for creation does not have to be too great. I agreed with him on this point of view that negates his achievements and the father will also be the highest critic of his predecessor. Why should one even show respect for him, who bears the name “true Satan”? After all, there is a reason why it bears the name.

In addition to meaningful creatures, “true Satan” also created anti-meaningful creatures, namely vermin and diseases. The “true father” will follow an anthropocentric approach and tailor creation on this and all other planets to 100% for humanity.

The “true Satan” can be blamed for many wrongdoings, which I can only briefly name here. The list could be expanded:

  • Diseases created and not cured
  • Wars, crimes and much suffering are tolerated and even encouraged
  • Countless religions of lies have emerged (there would be heaven, hell, Jesus was still alive)
  • Spiritual experiences brought in different worldviews (always the same, whether appearing as Satan or God)
  • Poor quality of creation; Optimization potential not used
  • People with too limited lifespans (father is likely to turn aging off)

If you judge him by the paragraphs of the modern criminal code (I’m not a lawyer) you would have to convict him of numerous offenses. In view of the numerous needs of humans and animals, “failure to provide assistance” is, despite his great power, to be blamed on him.

The question arises as to whether the old Creator now had a penchant for Satanism. No, I don’t think that’s the case. “God-pleasing” people always had his sympathies. Before he went out in 2014, he often told me that he had sympathy for Christians, Jesus and also for his successor “the Father”.

So he was an ambivalent person. On the one hand he made a lot of mistakes, but on the other hand it saw itself only as a temporary authority that – and he was probably aware of that for thousands of years – will eventually be replaced by a new spirit (as I want to create it). And he expressly welcomed this turning point. That is highly creditable to him.

What do you think of the creator of the universe? Do you still see him positively or can you share my criticism?

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

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