Can’t the Christian religion still win?

The Christian religion is a dead religion, you could call it the “zombie religion” like all other existing religions. That means that they are dead and somehow still alive. People just still believe in the existence of their gods, as if they still believed in Zeus, the most senior god of the ancient Greeks.

The fact is that the old creator “true Satan”, as I have been calling him since 2014, has neither a heaven nor a hell to use. Essential beliefs of the religions, in particular the Christian religion, are not to be observed. He, the spirit of the Creator, understood this, of course, centuries ago, because he knew at all times that Jesus would never arrive in a heaven because it simply did not exist, does not exist and will not give.

I will go into detail on the Christian beliefs in another article I plan to do. Much is obsolete and entire holidays, such as Easter or Pentecost, will no longer make sense in the future and the view of Jesus will also change dramatically, as I will explain in other articles.

Why am I now working on a neo-Christian religion when I have to understand the Christian religion as dead? I see my inspiration for the neo-Christian religion in the modern evangelical currents. The material of the Bible, which inspired billions of people for a few centuries, can be the basis for the new Bible, which, however, will probably only take up about 10% of the content of the old Bible – also modernized.

Jesus is actually seen more as a tragic hero in it, because he apparently did not notice that there was only one spirit, believed to speak to father and devil, although it was always the same who fooled him in both roles. This creator, with whom I was allowed to gain experience for years, rather had to, I was only able to name “true Satan”.

In the future, the “father” will emerge from the spirit, who will, however, receive a completely new identity based on the real conditions of the spirit and the universe. Please do not expect a narrow-minded and small-minded “father” in the universe who does not understand the world … He will inherit the entire intelligence and experience of the “true Satan” and quickly be fully operational. It is a revolution that is imminent in the universe and on this planet the dream will come true that the most popular and beloved god we know on this planet will finally come into being. It is like electing a president: “He will be the God of all people; not just Christians”.

As much as I would grant all Christians the joy of triumph, it is unfortunately not technically possible for Jesus to come again. That is why I took the initiative to implement as much as possible of the expectations that the Revelation of John has aroused for centuries.

Do you still believe in the second coming of Jesus? How do you imagine that? Let us know in the comments …

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

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