Will the real God crack down?

Many hope for a hard final judgment and some fear it. The Bible prophesies that the living and the dead will be brought to justice. But how reliable is the Bible? If even the story of Jesus is not correct, because he finally died on the cross and could by no means get into a – nonexistent – heaven, the question remains, what significance the rest of the Bible still has. Little or nothing in the Bible is true and it is useless to understand the past, present or even eternal future. It is a crime that the Creator should expose us to such a book. For about 20 years I have wanted to revise the Bible. However, since this task is a gigantic challenge, I want to form a team in the foreseeable future to accomplish the work together.

Since I have wiped out the old creator and am creating a new creator, creating a new Bible and a new religion, the orientation to the old Bible simply does not make sense.

The question arises what such a final judgment can look like. People in all countries could be brought before a secular court with unified laws, after which the father had induced them to report themselves. That is probably the most sensible solution.

It is also conceivable that the Father (Jesus Christ, the Spirit) participates in the punitive measures. Here it is a good idea to create headaches for bad people with negative energy, as I experienced myself in the years 2013 to 2016. While this torture is extremely uncomfortable, it could help manage a tight prison capacity better.

Hell does not exist and so punishment after death is not an option. Neither will the dead be judged. Sure, you can think about the deceased and, if necessary, it is possible to determine a sentence posthumously, but this can only succeed in individual cases and in no way lead to a sentence (for the deceased).

All past generations will remain unpunished and future generations, who will all have a personal relationship with God, will not be indebted. The question arises, why in the universe this population of 8 billion people should be brought to justice when they are the only ones who are eligible for it.

There will most likely not be a general amnesty as this would be highly unfair. So the father has to take tough action, like a school principal (new creator “father”) who ensures order in the classroom of a teacher (old creator “Satan”), from whom order has slipped.

The old creator has, as you can see every day in the news, kept the reins on earth extremely loose and allowed wars, crimes and a lot of suffering, if not here and there it is to blame for the circumstances, since he is in the role of a devil involved in the crimes

The new creator is therefore faced with the challenge of ensuring harmony among people and justice. These two poles are not contradictions, because it only affects really guilty people and small misconducts are certainly not tried in the courts, but can be discussed with God personally.

What is your idea of the final judgment? How should it work? Write it in a comment!

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash

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