The elements of my life path

My life mission is to bring about the perfection of the absolute in eternity, or to make my modest contribution to it, because a universe is a community effort that an infinite number of people and the Creator have to accomplish.

Despite this awareness, I name my projects as follows:

  • The new spirit
  • The new earth
  • The new universe
  • The path of life in place of “Jesus of Nazareth”

I will now describe in detail what my part is that I have set out to do. Basically, on the one hand I want to achieve the greatest possible achievement, it should go down praiseworthy in the eternal history of the universe and on the other hand it must still be feasible for me as a human being. I can’t do too much.

The new spirit

There is only one spirit, but I have made the discovery that it can die to clear the way for another subject in the spirit who will dare a fresh start for eternity. For this purpose, a second was determined by me, at which the old subject is defined dead in spirit. That was in the spring of 2014. And there will be a second from which the new spirit (Jesus Christ) begins to live in the spirit.

Since the spirit cannot actually die, in the meantime Jesus subjects (who are called to be the eternal Jesus) and Satan subjects (who are called to seal their own death with a symbol) live in the spirit. This delay is of course not planned by me and does not meet with my approval. The mind, however, has its own mind and wants to first implement my approach and secondly do so at a later, appropriate time (I have already written about this).

We can look forward to the fact that in a few years’ time “God the Father” will arise, who did not previously exist in world history. The failed Creator will be called “true Satan” because of the theological and other mess he leaves.

My work in therapy of the mind is neither 100% described nor finished. I have had numerous conversations with the old creator that I see as formative and will continue to work with the new creator in the first 9 months (uterine therapy) to ensure that the course is set for eternity.

The new earth

A new earth is prophesied in the Bible. Some people imagine the downfall of the old earth by “God’s hand”, so that space would be created in the universe for a new earth that he could create in 7 days. Of course that’s rubbish.

The Creator cannot perform such a miracle, nor would it make any sense. A few years ago I thought about what a new earth might look like and quickly came to the conclusion that the earth cannot and does not need to go under.

My personal idea of a new earth is to be understood more metaphorically. I have the specific goal of working on this planet to ensure that all problems (really all) are systematically solved, which is possible with the help of the spirit and with the cooperation of all of humanity that I want to stimulate. I want to form a team for this, but I will not call the employees apostles and it will also be more like 12,000, than 12 people like the ones Jesus gathered around him. To do this, I want to found a company, a church, a party and an aid organization.

Since the world and even the universe will continue to grow together through my approach, I see advantages in the abolition of global federalism in its current form. Since there is no world state as I strive for, there are around 200 states on this planet, each of which makes its own laws. This is out of date and we need a uniform law for all people on planet earth and even for all people in the universe. I want to work out this universe law with my team and give it to the world and to God.

The tendency towards global coalescence and standardization of human life is already known under the name of globalization. I see a law of nature here which, especially in the age of the internet, suggests that the planet is controlled by a world government with IT support. My vision goes so far that capitalism will be overcome by completely abolishing money. Because in a world of the peaceful friends of God, as I want to call society at this point, there is no need to be motivated to work due to the need to pay the rent and purchases will simply be based on people’s needs, which are known to be limited.

I will write more than once about the new earth, but I will limit myself here. But the spirit will also contribute and e.g. heal all of creation by removing all pathogens from the world.

The new universe

I see my contribution in the following elements:

  • New Eternal Bible
  • New Eternal Religion, the Neo-Christian Religion
  • Establish eternal organizations
    • Universum Church “Church of Jesus Christ”
    • Universe party umbrella organization
    • Universum corporate holding company
    • Universum Aid Organization (NGO)
  • New spirit with numerous suggestions on how it can shape eternity
  • “Instructions for a successful life” and other books that I am working on
  • Redistribution of money from rich donors to needy people after multiplication on the stock exchanges with the help of the father in space
  • Database with all the knowledge of mankind to make it available to people on other planets. So they can be brought through the ages with the turbo creation that I invented.

Certainly I cannot create galaxies and otherwise my performance will be related to the performance of other contributors, such as the performance of a president to the employees in governments and authorities or that of a board chairman in relation to the performance of the employees of the company. But I have visions and ideas and I am inspired to implement them. So I suggested to the Creator for the new universe that the galaxies should not be arranged chaotically in the future, but in a cube shape. Of course, I don’t mean that the galaxies should be cube-shaped, because that is not possible based on the laws of nature. They are always spiral. But these spirals could be arranged in furrows as in a field. There, farmers always plant the seedlings at the correct spacing so that the mature plants do not obstruct each other and little valuable space is wasted. In the universe this arrangement of the galaxies should of course be carried out three-dimensionally, i.e. in the form of a cube. In this way the Creator can make better use of the space, which is by no means tight due to the infinity in all three dimensions.

The way of life

Jesus is dead. He cannot come back to us on earth because there is no heaven. The lies of the Creator and his successor subjects are unbearable!

My initiative provides that I do numerous works under the stage name “Jesus Christ”, as I have already described above, in order to become a central figure in the neo-Christian religion. This happens out of the necessity that all things have to be done and the name “Jesus Christ” is also to be seen with a wink. I reckon with an enlightened society that I want to shape and that also includes humankind taking a benevolent approach to me and my concerns.

The life path also includes a media presence. In later phases I will certainly not only speak to people here on the blog and on social media, but also in the established mass media and even with help of the spirit. This will provide me with its communication channels to the brain and so I can also reach people who still live backwardly without electricity.

Of course I think about speaking to the people of the world in the Vatican. This is obvious if you have made it your business to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. In due course I will find myself ready for it, but the United Nations seems to me to be a much more suitable platform. But I still have years of work ahead of me and I want to form a team beforehand so that I can present tangible work results.

At the moment I am still working alone and, due to a tight budget, also without employees. That will certainly change thanks to future income from donations, book sales, advertising income, etc.


My life mission is the perfection of everything in infinite space and in eternity. I want to make my optimal contribution to this. It has to be spectacular enough to win a worthy place in the never-ending history of the universe. On the other hand, it must remain feasible. The solution is that I accept the help of all people who want to support me. I also pay some of them a salary later, because people cannot do some work for free, even if they want to, because they need money to live themselves and I am not an advocate of poverty, but of prosperity for all people. At some point I will also receive the support of God the Father. And this is certainly extremely helpful.

What do you think of the rough sketch of my plan? Am I planning too much or too little? Should I do something else? Should I omit something? I look forward to your feedback in the comments …

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

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