Why will true God and true Satan be enemies?

The core of my therapy of the mind is that a new subject begins to live in the old mind. For this the old spirit has to die a death. How can this work? The old spirit “Satan” lived up to a given second in the spring of 2014. After that, successor subjects began their existence in the spirit. These always have the entire spirit available in the infinite three-dimensional space and in principle have the same attributes as “Satan” and “Jesus Christ” they had or will have.

An analogy

The process can be compared to a computer on which a new operating system is installed. Only the software is exchanged and the hardware remains. So all subjects in the spirit were and are equal in their possibilities.

The essence of therapy of the mind

Therapy of the mind lives from the fact that the mind carries out a radical realignment, more than a subject can achieve on its own. So the new creator will become the first critic of the predecessor and will meticulously deal with the wrongdoings of “true Satan”. It is also an advantage that there have been ideas in the spirit about deities and their adversaries (Satan) for thousands of years. The new creator “Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit” will tie in with these worlds of ideas and identify with the positive side of all possibilities. Certainly you will be able to find something positive in the old creator too, but that is not so desirable. From a therapeutic point of view, it is helpful that the ancient Creator had to blame himself for numerous wrongdoings during human history. So he can actually analytically embody and fill the role of “Satan”. The “father” will certainly find numerous arguments here to confirm this role. If you simply imagine that “Satan” represents the opposite of “God” and that in every respect, then you can equate Satan with -1 and God with 1. In between is the neutral zero point. Now you understand for sure that God will on the one hand strive to perfectly embody the 1 in all respects and on the other hand he will be able to develop his anger at the predecessor and his analytical criticism very well if the old Creator is to be viewed critically.

After several years I am very familiar with the topic and I assume that an eternal hostility will materialize, which will motivate the new creator to always do better than his predecessor. And it will be easy for him to be better. He will strive for perfection as everything in the universe will strive for perfection (omega state).

There are no disadvantages to enmity

The enmity will not hurt the old Creator, he has been extinguished since 2014 and he was also understanding and agreed to the procedure. Somehow with a twinkle in his eye he could have said he will live on as “Jesus Christ”. But that is not the case when one realizes that billions of years will pass and “Jesus” will repeatedly reflect the story of “Satan” and report it on all planets, then he will inevitably speak singularly about his predecessor in the third person and the greater the distance to the year 2014, the clearer it becomes to people and also to the new creator “Jesus Christ” that he is a new creature in the spirit, which was created before 2014, e.g. 1933-1945 did not exist, but inherited the old creator, whom he will make massive reproaches posthumously. So it will come that “Jesus Christ” and “Satan” will become enemies.

In addition, it should be said that the “true Satan” was an enemy of “Jesus Christ”, but this enmity was rather playful. In any case, the “true Satan” insisted on giving his successor an easy game of looking down on him and despising him.

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