Perfection through solving all problems

What is perfection?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? My goal is the perfection of the spirit, the universe, the earth and of my life path. Now what does perfection mean? Perfection is a state of flawlessness that cannot be improved any further.

The omega point of perfection

In this context I like to speak of the omega point of perfection in contrast to the alpha point which describes the current state.

Realize that there is nothing more than the universe and the spirit. Everything else is included. Because of the meaning of the word universe (from the Latin universus “total”), I also count the spirit as part of the universe. What we call the universe today, however, emerged from the spirit, or rather the spirit created the galaxies.

My goal is the perfection of the universe. That actually says it all, but because of its great importance I mention the spirit on and with which I have been working for years. I also mention the earth, which the “Revelation of John”, the last book of the Bible, is primarily about. I also think about my path of life and mention it in fourth place.

An example of perfection

Let’s take a job like cleaning the dishes. If you want perfectly clean dishes, you will have to put a lot of effort into polishing your dishes and you will hardly be able to remove microscopic contamination 100%. That’s why I understand the term a little softer. A pragmatic remainder of problems is tolerated. So much for the theory.

Which problems should be solved?

If you consider that in the universe on every populated planet the life of people and animals in combination with plants and fungi is always as similar as we know it on earth, then the problems of the universe seem downright manageable, because they are simplified we can say: the number of problems in the universe is equal to the number of problems on our earth. And the ambitious goal is to solve all problems; to leave none.

How can the problems of our earth be solved?

My approach to perfection is to brainstorm all problems with my team that is still to be formed. The team will solve all problems with the help of humanity on this planet over the Internet. This is how we find an optimal solution for every problem.

This creates a database with problem solutions. This is made available to all people on earth and all people in the universe.

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

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