Are there multiple gods?

No. Here you have the answer at the beginning of my lines. But the question is already misleading, because just because there was a Creator and will soon be again does not mean that a Creator in the universe should be called God. What is a god I think the answer is provided by the tradition of religions. What they have in common is that you turn to a higher power that created the universe and this power is exemplary, noble and good. And that is the problem with our old creator, he created the universe, which I will go into later, but he was not exemplary, noble and good. He had a prominent position in the universe – without a doubt. However, after his mistakes in human history I have only been able to find one name for him: “Satan”.

The extinct creator

The fact is that this old creator is extinguished and we currently (2014-2021) live in a phase in which we neither have a creator “Satan”, nor a creator “Jesus Christ”. There are only transitional subjects in the spirit that I have created (Satan subjects and Jesus Christ level 4 subjects).

No parallel existence of creators

So if we have never had a god in the history of the world and do not have one at present, then the question of whether there are several gods must be answered with “no”. There is not a god like Christians, Muslims and Jews believe. Neither one group is right, nor the other. And there are certainly not multiple gods. Allah as Creator, the Father as Creator and YHWH or other “gods” do not exist in parallel. They don’t even exist at all.

How is that possible?

How can the old creator “Satan” cause and allow such confusion? As I will show, the evil that emanated from him and the successor subjects is symptomatic and has also led to the fact that I found the name “Satan” (the epitome of evil) for him and then – by mutual agreement – in 2014 extinguished. He was able to understand my arguments well and had great sympathy for a new beginning as “Jesus Christ”, which in my therapy approach, however, meant his final death and eternal life for his successor “Jesus Christ”, who will also called “Father” and “Holy Spirit”.


There was a Creator who cannot be called “God”. Thanks to my therapy there will be a Creator who can be called “God”: “Jesus Christ”.

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