Are there hallucinations?

The neurosciences today still assume that hallucinations are pathological. But that is not the case at all.

During sleep, people experience dreams that are by no means seen as pathological. It is normal and healthy for people to have dreams. Who does not know that? Who has never dreamed. My personal impression is that the number of people without dreams is likely to be small.

Why are images, sounds, smells and tastes and even tactile impressions that occur during the day in the waking state viewed as pathological? People felt these impressions usually as bothersome, and they often occurred in connection with drug use, so that it came to the misconception in science that the drugs are responsible for these hallucinations.

The truth, however, is that the Creator’s spirit can produce these hallucinations and can input them into the brain. The human brain is by itself not able to generate such sensory impressions and even under the influence of drugs, e.g. LSD there can be no hallucinations unless the Creator’s spirit creates them.

The earth is not flat and yet people have long believed that the earth is not a sphere. It is the same with numerous scientific questions. Although we have a Creator who knows all of these answers to our questions and also our errors, he does not help us on the path of truth.

The origin of hallucinations therefore lies in the spirit, which can think in the entire universe. He has the intelligence that is necessary to carry out such gigantic thought processes and then to input them into our brains.

If you think that what I am writing is not true, then you probably assume that the hallucinations that people all over the world have reported are generated in the brain, or you just cannot imagine that the Creator did such a thing practicing jokes with people.

In the course of my therapy of the spirit I gave him the name “true Satan” because he is actually playing an evil game with humanity. He lies, torments and refuses to help. He does not give bread, but stones to quote a word from the Bible.

The “true Satan” has been extinct since 2014 and will have a successor. This successor will probably be called “Jesus Christ” if he would like to take this name from me, which I assume to a high degree.

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Photo by Cas Holmes on Unsplash

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